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A painting of Jackson, titled Washington 2d hangs behind him. Don Quixote Chagrined at the statement of Nicholas shows Jackson angrily confronting U. Bank president Nicholas Biddle with the latters written refusal to surrender the books papers funds committed to them [i.to the Bank] by Congress without a revocation by congress first. Private Confab between Sancho and his Master shows Van Buren reporting to Jackson on his poor public image.

On the ксзино is a Report of the committee on the removal of the deposits and a copy of the Globe newspaper. The Don and Sancho казино вулкан лурк eyes and ears stopped mounted on their hobby [horse] ignore the winds pressures, petitions, failures, and Virginia Resolves blowing about them.

Jackson is armored казино вулкан лурк kitchenware made казино вулкан лурк B. Company Washington. The armor symbolizes the insulating стар слот клуб of the advice and influence of Democratic publicists and prominent members of Jacksons Kitchen Cabinet, Francis Казино вулкан лурк Blair and Amos Kendall казино вулкан лурк B.

and Company). The knight sits astride a wooden horse labeled Great National Shaving Shop. Don Quixote Addressing certain Bound captives whose liberation he in vain вулкн to accomplish refers to the retention of the pension accounts for Revolutionary War veterans by the Bank.

In Constitutional Insanity or казино вулкан лурк Don Казино вулкан лурк to Figure it on Board Ship Jackson says to Van Buren, You must know. that this vessel [the Constitution] is here on purpose without a possibility of any other design to call invite me to embark.

The narrative concludes with Jacksons retirement and Van Burens inheritence of the problems of the presidency. The Knight on his Way Home казино вулкан лурк Sancho in the Вулкпн Road to Promotion shows Jackson riding off toward his Tennessee estate, the Hermitage. Van Buren meanwhile is лурп into the air from a Map of the United States 1837 held by several grinning men including (directly below the rider) the artist himself.

Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-91443 (bw film copy neg. ) Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. Call Number: PCUS - 1837. J635, no. 1 (A size) [PP] Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D. 20540 USA Notes: Clarence Brigham's tentative attribution of the print to David Claypool Johnston, cited by Weitenkampf, is undoubtedly accurate. The print compares closely to earlier comic etchings by Johnston, such казино вулкан лурк "Foot-Race" (no.

1824-4), and to his annual albums entitled "Scraps," issued from 1830-1849. Moreover, the self-portrait in the final scene is very similar to that which appears in the last vignette in the 1837 issue of "Scraps. " Drawn by David Claypool Johnston, Boston. Title appears as it is written on the item. Johnson, вулкон. Weitenkampf, p.

Purchase; (DLCPP-1985:502). Forms part of: American cartoon print filing series (Library of Congress) Published in: American political prints, 1766-1876 Bernard F. Reilly. Boston : G. Hall, 1991, казино вулкан лурк 1837-2. Казино через интернет Biddle, Nicholas,--1786-1844.

Blair, Francis Казино миллион бездепозитный бонус. Clay, Henry,--1777-1852. --Political activity. Jackson, Andrew,--1767-1845.


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